Will the Rain Ever End?

It’s been raining, almost non-stop, since the beginning of June. With every passing week, I think of the swim club, and all the money down the drain because we haven’t yet been able to go this season. Unless it’s nice next weekend, we’re looking at the third week in July before we even have the possibility of going. In which case, it will end up being an outrageously expensive summer. I hope that our babysitter will at least have some warm, sunny days during the week so that Sophie can enjoy the pool.

This weather is crazy. And depressing. We went to the mall today, which is always busy on Saturdays. We got there late morning and it wasn’t too busy. But because it’s Father’s Day tomorrow and the weather was so horrendous it was more crowded than usual. It took us longer to get out of there than it did to drive home; the parking lot was jammed.
The people who have beachgoer-dependent businesses must be quaking in their Crocs. One-third of their summer has been lost to this crappy weather on top of what was probably turning out to be a crappy season simply because of the economy. Bummer for them.
And it’s so depressing outside. Everything is gray and wet. So very wet. The girls are starting to go stir crazy, I think. While at the mall they were running all over the place. Including into each other. All of this pent up energy. Sophie was running sprints in the hallway of the movie theater. Back and forth, back and forth. I was getting dizzy just watching her.
Chloe’s barely been able to ride her bike. And I’d love to ride mine with her. I’m crossing my fingers that it might start drying out tomorrow, but when I looked this morning the long range forecast for the week didn’t look too promising. Do you hear my big, resigned sigh?

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