31 Hours

31 hours until we leave for the airport for our vacation. Can’t wait. Am counting down. The girls are packed and ready to go tomorrow morning with their Grammy.

We’re not packed yet, but I bought three, yes three, adorable dresses today at a local shop. Dresses I would have never considered had I just seen them on a rack. But in my less-than-two-days-to-go desperation, I tried on everything the owner of the store suggested. And couldn’t decide which one to buy. So I bought all of them. I am now officially ready to go to dinner on the ship.
Can’t forget to make sure Sophie has her towel and her Shirley tomorrow morning. Because to forget them would mean certain disaster for my mom. Other than that, we’re ready to ship Chloe and Sophie out the door. With an encouraging little hug and shove, if need be. Caribbean, here we come!

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