A Surprising Hug

Chloe and Sophie hug each other a lot when they’re not fighting. But this particular hug came as quite a shock. Sophie was upset the other evening – she had slipped and fallen on the floor. Wasn’t hurt, mind you, but she probably scared herself a little bit.

First, she came to me for consolation (have I mentioned that she’s been in a mommy’s girl phase recently?). Then she turned to her papa, as if contemplating whether or not to seek solace from him. But he was laughing. Not in a mean way, mind you. Needless to say, that didn’t work for Sophie. She just didn’t feel the love from him. She turned around again, and caught a glimpse of Chloe. Still whimpering, she ran to her big sister and grabbed onto her for dear life.
It was so shocking, in fact, that Chloe had to yell for me (I had gone into the kitchen after hugging Sophie) so that I could witness the HUG before Sophie realized what she had done and pulled away. The fact that Sophie reached out to Chloe for some love made Chloe very happy – the grin on Chloe’s face was priceless.

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