Having Fun or What?

Well, it certainly sounds like Chloe and Sophie had a great time with my mom and aunt and uncle last week. Chloe, who’s still up there going to day camp, is having a fantastic time. Apparently, she’s been having such a great time that’s she’s taken to walking the dogs with my uncle every evening – a two mile promenade!

She has NEVER taken a two mile walk with us. OK – the main reason might be that we’ve never proposed taking a two mile walk with her. Maybe we should start. What a great way to ensure good sleep at the end of a long day at camp.
Among other things, they visited a dairy bar today. When I asked her what the heck a dairy bar was, she responded “ice cream.” “Why didn’t you say so in the first place,” I said. She’s even starting to talk like a country bumpkin now. It’s pretty funny. She’s loving camp. I told my aunt that we may ship Chloe up there next summer for a month! I’m fantasizing about it as I write.
Just kidding. I actually miss my big munchkin. On another note, there’s a mystery surrounding their matching outfits in the photo, however. My mom bought them during their vacation and apparently we’ll know more about it in a few weeks. Whatever that means. I can’t wait.

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