I’m Still Intrigued

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there’s a reason Chloe and Sophie are wearing the same outfits in this photo. The thing is, we still don’t know why.

There’s been no talk of it, no secret whispering – it’s been radio silence. The last I’d heard, it was a surprise and we’d know more in a “few weeks.” Well, I’d really like to know when those “few weeks” are going to be up. Does a “few weeks” mean three weeks? Four weeks? Give us some guidelines, please.
Papa and Mommy are very curious. Is it a skit? Musical theater? Shakespeare? What’s with the attitude? Have the girls already forgotten what they’re going to be performing in a “few weeks?” We are under strict instructions by the girls’ Grammy not to ask about it. Fine. But come on. The wait is killing me.
All I keep thinking is that whatever it is, it’s got to be good fodder for the blog. So bring it on! Don’t keep it a secret for much longer. Please. With cherries on top. And a cookie, too.

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