Our Button Table

When I went to pick up Chloe this weekend, we did some arts & crafts together. Yes, I know, hard to believe. I think it was the influence of being with my aunt, who is very crafty. It was also the influence of being in the country. This is the kind of thing one does in the country.

My aunt and uncle inherited a collection of buttons, among other things, from a recently deceased cousin. So what better way to make use of them than to glue them onto old tables? Chloe did most of the work – I was too methodical and my portion of the table took a lot longer to finish. It came out great. Now all we need is a little plant, and it’ll be perfect.
Chloe is ready to start selling her creations on eBay. When I took a guess and said that I thought she might be able to market them for $50-$75 apiece, her eyes lit up. She would like nothing more than to start a little business. I suppose I should encourage it. We’ll see…
If you’re interested in purchasing a table, let us know.

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