Sophie, Sophie, Sophie

There is no doubt that Sophie has thrived as the only child this week. She eats up the attention. Happy as a clam not having to compete with her sister to get two words in edgewise. Happy to get lots of hugs and cuddles from her mom and papa. Happy to stay up a little later than usual.

And this weekend, Sophie’s going to be even more spoiled. Because while I’m going on a 4-hour car ride to fetch Chloe, she’ll be having special Sophie/papa time. What could be better?
Sophie just announced that she wants a snake for a pet. She’d name it after her friend Emily. I hope Emily feels honored. Other than her obsession with the color pink, she certainly doesn’t fit stereotype of a little girl. At least she has an interest in reptiles, and likes to run, climb and play in the dirt. That’s definitely reassuring and makes the whole pink thing a little easier for me to swallow.

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