Another Lost Tooth

Chloe has a new hole in her mouth. Problem is, she doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore. So what to do? I told Chloe that if she doesn’t believe, the fairy isn’t going to waste her time coming to Chloe’s room to deposit a dollar. The money would be better spent elsewhere.

When Chloe remarked that there is no tooth fairy because her teeth never disappear from the tooth fairy box, I replied that the tooth fairy doesn’t swipe teeth anymore because it’s unsanitary. Chloe still wasn’t having any of it.
But she still wants her dollar. Do I leave it under her pillow anyway? I can’t write a note because she knows my handwriting. And her room is dangerously crowded now – if I try to enter it to leave the cash, I risk stepping on Sophie, who’s sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Chloe’s room while our Frenchies are here. What a dilemma.

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