Butterflies Everywhere

Sophie loves the butterfly exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. As you can see, she enjoys trying to catch them. Luckily, she thinks butterflies are pretty. So even though they’re insects, she’s not likely to try to kill them like she tries to kill ants.

Sophie is a very happy almost-4-year old. Except when we tell her ‘no.’ In that, she’s taken cues from her older sister. Chloe, while a bit intense sometimes, is generally happy, too. Except when we tell her ‘no.’ Two peas in a pod, these girls.
Chloe was feeling a little sad tonight because Grammy took Sophie back to her place for a sleepover. Chloe would like her own exclusive sleepover with Grammy. She doesn’t always like to share. I promised her she’d get her own exclusive sleepover in the very near future.
In exchange, Chloe and I shared a movie night together. “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Her choice, not mine. Which is fine – since Chloe in no way resembles the shopaholic of the title. And has no chance of ever becoming the shopaholic of that title. She hates shopping, and basically has no interest in clothes. Except t-shirts. Sophie, on the other hand, only time will tell…

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