It’s Mid-August and I Miss the Beach

I still haven’t been to the beach this summer. Chloe and my husband, however, went with the Frenchies last week. And Sophie went with her Grammy a few weeks ago. It’s not fair, I say. All work and no play makes for a cranky mommy.

Oh well. Pretty soon, there won’t be any more beach time this year. Only a couple of weeks left. And it ain’t happening this weekend or next. Ugh. This summer – other than our vacation in July – has turned into a lost season for me. We haven’t even been to the pool that much, mostly because of the weather.
In any case, I am looking forward to a calm weekend. Perhaps the pool, perhaps some back to school shopping. But all of that pales against the relative quiet that will
prevail in our house. And that’s what I’m truly excited about. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.

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