Rest in Peace, Gloup

Gloup died today. He’s survived by his brother, Alubus. Gloup was a good pet. He liked to eat a lot. He hogged the food and the water, and Alubus often fought for his share. Sometimes they would fight and we’d hear their squeaks when they argued. Sophie loved Gloupie, as she called him. She also called him Wee Wee, which is her preferred name for her favorite animals.

Gloup liked venturing out of his cage. Alubus is more of a homebody.

Apparently, I spelled Gloup’s name wrong during his life. Chloe just informed me that his name was Gloop. Oh well. Rest in peace, Gloop. We’re going to miss your little furry fat body. As Sophie says, Gloop was a star that shines in the sky.

Chloe was very upset about the whole thing, blaming herself because Gloop was “her” pet…it’s a sucky lesson, but if nothing else, I think Alubus is going to get a lot more attention from her now. Assuming Alubus stays healthy, that is.

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