Shirley and Towels

Chloe bought Sophie little Shirley the lamb when Sophie was about one year old. Sophie loves Shirley very much and treats her like a princess. Sophie also loves her two towels very much.

Like Linus with his blanket, Sophie’s towels follow her all over the house (we rarely let Sophie take the towels outside). The towels are actually burp cloths that we’ve had since Sophie was born almost four years ago. They’re stained and have holes. And we only have two left. Problem is that if we ever needed to replace them, it’d be extremely difficult since I haven’t been able to find those same burp cloths anywhere.
Every time Sophie can’t find her towels, we panic. We search high and low. We rely on Sophie’s notoriously bad toddler memory to tell us where she last left them. And we tear apart the house while listening to her sob. Until now, we’ve been lucky because we’ve always found them. But one day, they will be gone for good. Disintegrated or misplaced. And boy, will that be a bad day. Let’s hope that bad day doesn’t come any time soon.

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