The Girls Love Their Uncle James!

The girls had the opportunity to spend a day with their Uncle James before he went on his boondoggle Galapagos trip with my mom. Boondoggle James also got himself a new iPhone for his birthday – the lucky dog.
But my envy is neither here nor there. The girls adore their uncle James. Go figure. He does everything they ask him to do. He also makes great compilations of loud music for them to dance to. And now that he has an iPhone, that makes him even cooler in Chloe’s eyes.
Chloe is asking to visit him and her aunt Romy in Texas again. This will likely be their last year in that godforsaken place

(ok – they’re in Austin and Austin is bearable, I guess. Hell, if they end up in North Dakota or Oklahoma then Austin won’t look so bad anymore), so we’ll need to decide soon. Maybe around January/February time when it’s cold and icky here. If they’re willing to have us. See you soon, bro!

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