The Joys of Youth

I’d like to pose like that in a photo too, but I’m afraid it would be unseemly. The advantage to having the Frenchies here for two weeks is that my husband is on vacation. Which means that the girls get to spend some Papa-daughters time together.
While the Frenchies were traipsing around downtown NYC today, Sophie, Chloe and their dad were borrowing books from the library and having brunch at IHOP, which was a bit of heaven for Chloe. God knows why, because whenever I eat there I feel sick afterwards. That’s why I haven’t eaten there in months.
Tomorrow the girls get to spend time with their American uncle, who’s here on a stopover before leaving with my mom to cruise the Galapagos and commune with the turtles – nice, huh? I wish I was going with them. I want to swim with turtles.

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