Back to School

Sophie, the proud “senior” at her pre-K.
Chloe, the jaded 3rd grader who didn’t want me to take her photo because it wasn’t cool.
Both girls had good first days. Sophie saw lots of familiar faces from last year. Chloe is in a class with lots of kids she’s never seen before. And to top it all off, she’s in a new school!
Chloe’s impressed with her homeroom teacher, who is “really young.” Sophie still doesn’t know the names of her teachers. Chloe played soccer at recess today. Sophie has naptime. Chloe is going to have lots of homework everyday. Sophie will have coloring. Chloe can’t wait to walk to the bus stop by herself. Sophie would like nothing more than for us to take her to school every single day.
For us, the beginning of the year isn’t January 1st. The beginning of the year is the first day of school because that’s when we realize how quickly the girls are growing up.

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