Chloe vs. Sophie

I’m looking forward to what our girls will be like when they’re older. As I’ve written before, Chloe is the more intense child, more independent. Sophie is more happy-go-lucky and loves to be surrounded by people.

In addition to the differences in their personalities, they are also much different when it comes to hygiene. True story follows.
Yesterday, the girls went to the playground with my mom. When they got home, they realized their feet were filthy. Sophie immediately asked my mom to wash her feet with soap and water. That’s because even though Sophie likes to play in the sand and dirt, Sophie does not like to stay dirty once she’s done playing.
Chloe is another species altogether. When Chloe realized her feet were dirty, she proceeded to spit on her hands and start wiping. And you can bet that her hands were just as filthy as her feet. I mean, really. I sometimes think that she’s spent way too much time watching the gorillas at the Bronx Zoo.

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