Miss Mary Mack

The girls weren’t exactly playing Miss Mary Mack. Chloe invented a little clapping game that she was trying desperately to teach Sophie. Sophie didn’t quite get it. But Sophie didn’t want to give up. The photo is deceptive because it gives the impression that the two sisters were actually getting along. But after about 5 seconds, Chloe lost her patience and Sophie got frustrated.

Chloe then turned to me to give Sophie a demonstration. It went pretty well until Sophie started to get agitated because she was sitting on the sidelines. It must be hard to be the little sister. I don’t know what that feels like, having lorded over and tortured my little bro when I was a kid. But my guess is that being the younger sibling pretty much sucks (although, because Sophie is the little one, she sometimes get a little extra attention).
Sophie just asked about a missing toy that she suddenly remembered after about a year. I think I threw it out six months ago. “We have to find it,” she lamented. For once, I kept my mouth shut.

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