My Little Mermaid

Sophie discovered Chloe’s mermaid costume the other day. And boy, was she excited. Being able to transform into a mermaid ranks almost as high as dressing up as a princess.

Our little one really liked that some of her belly showed. She thought that was quite cool. I thought it was borderline indecent. But that’s just because I’m getting old. What was potentially truly indecent was the halter top – because until we tied it just right, Sophie had a little too much booby action going on. Not that she particularly minded that, either.
Her teacher at pre-K told me today that she’s very quiet and shy in class. It’s only been a couple of days, so I’m not very concerned. Let’s face it, she’s been like that in group settings since she was an infant. She likes to observe. Except when she’s at home or with her family or friends – when she’s a clown. But in school or in an enrichment class, Sophie’s a different child. I’m interested to see what will happen with her as the year progresses, especially since she’s now in class full-time. I mean, this is a kid who dances, sings and runs around the house naked in pure joy. I hope that some of that carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude (without the naked) carries over into school.

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