Sophie Turns 4 Tomorrow

I hope Sophie will be in a better mood tomorrow than she was today. Today, she decided that she would kiss away her 3s with a bang. She was pretty much a nightmare the entire morning.

“I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I want a bagel! I want to go home!” On and on and on. I hope she’ll be in better spirits tomorrow. Over the last few months, she’s started to express herself using her face. Who needs words when her face amply suffices to let us know what kind of mood she’s in? Especially when she’s pissed off at us. The eyes go big and her mouth forms an angry ‘o’ pout. Sometimes, her eyes become narrow slits – that’s when she’s really annoyed.
It’s a good thing she doesn’t know that I completely forgot to make arrangements to bring a special treat to her class to celebrate her big day. I think that makes me a pretty bad mom. But there are all sorts of restrictions on ingredients, and I don’t have time to bake from scratch. So I’m a bad mom. At least I remembered to organize a birthday party for her.
I am crossing my fingers that she doesn’t pull any of her faces tomorrow while at her party. That would be embarrassing. Only smiles. Just smiles.

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