Tiger Woods She Ain’t

We decided to ring in the unofficial start of fall this weekend with an outing to the local miniature golf course. Chloe’s idea. Problem is that Chloe and miniature golf don’t get along very well.

I tried to teach her the Tiger Woods putting stance, but she wouldn’t listen. The photo pretty much captures her posture and her swing throughout the afternoon. Needless to say, she was not particularly successful getting the ball into the hole. And this frustrated her to no end.
Forgetting, perhaps, that she was the one who requested this outing, at one point she asked if we could go home because she was tired of missing. We were only at the 9th hole. We reiterated her need to imitate the Tiger swing and stance, and she then had a few glimmers of success, which she reluctantly admitted was due to the Tiger swing and stance.
The rest of the game was relatively uneventful. But if our Chloe thinks she’s going to talk us into taking her to play miniature golf in the near future, she has another thing coming. Not until she goes to Tiger Woods miniature golf training camp.

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