A, My Name is Alice

Chloe reintroduced me to a game from my childhood. Remember taking the hi-bounce Spalding ball and going through the alphabet:

“A my name is Alice. My husband’s name is Alan. We sell apricots. B my name is Bonnie. My husband’s name is Bob. We sell boots.” And on and on and on.
I made it to U. Not in one shot, mind you. Those legs and my reflexes aren’t what they used to be. Chloe made it to E. As we all know, she’s not very coordinated. But she was having fun. And if she has fun, I have fun.
Unfortunately, bouncing the ball under her leg and catching it hasn’t prevented Chloe from failing the first part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test at school, the shuttle run. Apparently, she wasn’t very good at hitting the target on the floor with the block. Let’s face it, no big surprise there. Let’s hope Chloe can manage the sit-ups and push-ups.

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