All’s Well That Ends Well

Chloe’s first big 3rd grade project is due next week. She has to create a poster advertising an adventure book, and decided to feature “Artemis Fowl,” her new favorite series.

Needless to say, the first efforts were painful. Chloe repeatedly abused the poster board with her eraser, getting increasingly more frustrated every time she tried to write the title of the book in a way that pleased her.
So after about 45 minutes of hemming and hawing, throwing pencils across the room, and abusing the poster board with her eraser, I told her to take a break from the project and turn back to it later on. She finally made her move this evening, and came up with a great idea. She sketched it out and should have no problem translating it onto the poster board. And she was proud of herself, too. As well she should be. Go, Chloe, go.

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