Chloe the Novelist, Part II

Following are some of Chloe’s more ambitious follow-ups to the opening sentences she wrote a few weeks ago. She’s graduated to opening paragraphs, and they’re great.

Jack was 11 and afraid of thunderstorms. He knew it was childish but he couldn’t help it. There was always the chance of getting struck by lightning. There was always the chance of a tree falling on his house. He knew the chances were slim, but he still go worried.
Melissa and Marcy were twins completely identical. No one could tell them apart. But Melissa and Marcy were nothing alike. Not one connection. The only thing they had in common was looks. Like for instance Marcy was the carefree kind of person. Melissa was a very cautious person. Not a clean freak, just cautious. She said you can get hurt some way or another no matter what you do, it might not even hurt, but technically it is still considered getting hurt. But for Marcy, if she’s under a table and stands up, she won’t care if she bangs her head. She might give it a couple of rubs, but will show no sign of pain.

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