Fun in Philly!

We’re back from our long weekend in Philly, and boy, did we have fun.

Some highlights:

(1) Who’d have ever thought that the first hippo any of us would ever see up close and personal would be in Camden, NJ? Thanks Adventure Aquarium for a super fun-filled day!


(2) Who’d have ever thought that we’d have a totally serendipitous encounter with “The Magic Garden,” an incredible outdoor labyrinth of mosaic art (see the photo of Chloe and Sophie who needed a rest after running up and down stairs and through tunnels of tile and recycled junk)? Thanks to Philly’s South Street for my favorite find of the weekend!


(3) Who’d have ever thought that the girls, without protest, would fall asleep so quickly – two days in a row? Between sharks and hippos, lots of walking, meeting my friends for brunch, Independence Hall, the Duck Tour and the Please Touch Children’s Museum, we wiped them out.


We had a great, relaxing weekend. Mission accomplished.

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