Happy Birthday, Pink Me Not!

Two years today. Two years since I decided to document the lives of Chloe and Sophie on an obsessive basis.

I posted the first entry, about Sophie mistaking cooked Mexican beans for chocolate chips, on October 24, 2007. I’ve written 600 entries since that fateful day, and I’ve had more than 6,000 visits to the blog, most of which are probably just automated web crawlers or the same five family members, but no mind. 6,000 is a cool number.
I can’t believe I’m still writing this much. I’m normally not one to persevere with a project. I tend to get bored quickly and want to move on. But I continue to have this need to write about the girls and when I don’t add their latest news to the blog, I feel like something’s missing from my day.
In the time since I started this project, a lot has transpired. I started working again, Chloe started a new school, Sophie started pre-K, my grandmother died, we elected our first African-American president, the economy tanked…lots of great things have occurred, along with the not-so-great.
But through it all, Chloe and Sophie remain my steady beacons of light. They continue to entertain us and drive us crazy. Here’s to another two years (at least) of documenting their antics on www.pinkmenot.com.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Pink Me Not!”

  1. I love reading those blogs and wish you many more years of documenting the fun and foibles of those wonderful girls. Keep up the good work and someday it might turn into a book (or e-book!)

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