The City of Brotherly Love

We’re off to Philly tomorrow morning for a long weekend. First stop, the Adventure Aquarium, which is not in Philly. It’s in Camden. But it’s close – just across the Delaware. People tell me it’s quite fun there. We’ll see – but I figure we can’t possibly go wrong with Nile hippos, sharks, penguins, a giant octopus…

We have reservations for a tour of Independence Hall – we’ll see if the kids stay awake for the historical enlightenment. And then there’s Reading Terminal Market, an oasis of food, food and more food. And we’ll try to make it to the Please Touch Children’s Museum, because what kids wouldn’t love a museum called “Please Touch!”

To top it all off, we’re supposed to have really nice weather. Which is a miracle considering the crappy weather we’ve had for the good part of a year. I’m just looking forward to getting away for a couple of days. Work’s been stressful and I’m ready for a little break. Philly, here we come!

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