Quadruple Play

We had a very busy afternoon. Grammy came over and we all went to the local museum to see an art exhibit. Sophie liked the paintings of the naked people (although she admonished me not to say the word ‘naked’ too loudly). Chloe was interested for about ten minutes and then pulled out a book and waited for the rest of us to finish.

After the museum, we went to a local renaissance fair – a fundraiser for one of the middle schools. The girls played with chain maille and Chloe bought a peacock feather.
From there, it was off to see “Where the Wild Things Were.” I enjoyed it immensely. Chloe liked it ok, but Papa and Sophie were not all that enthusiastic. And finally, on the way home, we stopped at the local haunted house. The owners must spend thousands of dollars every year on decoration and animatronics. Chloe loved it. Sophie was afraid that everything moving was real and would kill her. We reassured her that it was all fake and she felt better after that. We’ll see how she sleeps tonight.

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