A Chore Scanner

This is the thanks I get for flattering my daughter by asking her to pose for a photo. Lovely, isn’t it? A preview of what’s to come?

We returned to her new favorite supermarket today, where she diligently scanned all of our groceries. Had I known that all it would take to get her excited about something that is such a chore (at least to me), I would have invented my own scanner for home use.

Said scanner would be able to count chore points. So that every time Chloe accomplished a chore, she would scan the appropriate symbol for that chore (e.g., a vacuum for vacuuming, a sponge for cleaning the table, a fork for setting the table, etc.) and bling-bling, points counted. Once enough points are accumulated, a big dollar sign would appear on the screen, notifying her that it was time for her parents to give her the big bucks. And should said chores not be completed, she’d receive a mild electric shock that would piss her off just enough to encourage her to do the chore she initially refused to do.
I wonder if this is a patentable idea? I’ll have to ask my colleagues on Monday.

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