Boy Crazy

A week ago, Sophie expressed her desire for a boyfriend. Needless to say, that desire grows, unabated.

I picked her up from school this afternoon and as we were driving away, she reminded me that one of her friends at school had a boyfriend from the other “senior” class.
“What do they do together?” I inquired. “They play with each other!” Sophie exclaimed enthusiastically. Followed by, “I wish I had a boyfriend.” Mind you, this remark was so wistful in tone that for a minute I thought the subject was much more serious than it actually was.
Of course, I egged her on. “How about Oscar?” Oscar is one of her friends from the her toddler gym class. They have a history together. “Mom, it can’t be Oscar. He’s not in my school.” “Who would you like to be your boyfriend?” I asked. She informed me that in order for the relationship to work, he’d have to be in the other “senior” class, too. Just like her friend. “Do you have someone in mind?” I asked (I’m the mom with a million questions). “No.” “What about a boy from your class?” “No.”
“Are they all silly?” Another mom question. “Yes. They are really, really silly, mom,” my dear Sophie replied. “AND THEY’RE NOT GOOD LISTENERS!” she yelled. Which means that she’s not going to have a boyfriend anytime soon.

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