It’s time to display some photos of the girls from almost three years ago. Aren’t they cute? Time flies.

Sophie, now 4, who is already talking about boyfriends (apparently one of her classmates has a boyfriend), and is coyly refusing to divulge any information about Justin, a little boy in her school. I hadn’t heard his name before today, so I suppose this is a recent development. I think she may have a little bit of a crush.
Chloe is happy that she doesn’t have to worry about boyfriends for at least another few years. But rumor has it that she and her two girlfriends were mighty excited yesterday when our neighbor came over to join the fun with his two friends. The six kids horsed around, but my husband told me they were pretty happy to have the extra company.
If this is a preview of what we’re going to be dealing with in the not-too-distant future, it’s already giving me agita. Which is why these old photos come in handy. Because they remind me of the fact that no matter what happens, Chloe and Sophie will always be my little girls.

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