Fun With My Girls

My husband was traveling on business for a few days this week, which meant that I had a chance to spend some extra-special time with the girls. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a lot of extra special time – it amounted to a few extra minutes hanging out every evening – but it was fun nonetheless.

Sophie and Chloe had a great time jumping around in the attic, enjoying the company of the ladybugs that have sought shelter there. They played tag, jumped over each other and over me, did handstands and drew pictures. The best part of all? They actually got along. I let Sophie fall asleep in our bed, and she asked that Chloe keep her company. Which Chloe devotedly did, until she got sleepy herself and returned to her own bed.
The second best part? I stuck to the army schedule. In the bathroom washing up and brushing teeth by 7:40 pm. Reading books to Sophie by 7:50 pm. Giving hugs and kisses to both girls by 8 pm. Turning on the TV to watch my shows by 8:05 pm. Like clockwork for three nights in a row. The hubby is back now, and it’s 8:18 pm. I can still hear the girls running in the hallways. Fun for the girls. Not sure it’s that much fun for Papa. The guy has no discipline!

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