Hugging Police

Sophie caught my husband and me in an embrace a little while ago. She doesn’t like when we do that. “No hugging!” she emphatically yelled, adding, “You’re not supposed to be in love together.”

When I suggested that the three of us hug together, she replied, “Just you and me.” When I told her that Papa would feel sad if he were left out, she smiled and said, “Just you and me. Not Papa. Because he stinks.”
Poor Papa. Left out in the cold again. But Sophie likes me these days. Probably because she’s not seeing that much of me. That’s the upside of not being as available to my kids as I would like. At least they love me more than usual. I know, I know. I’m totally rationalizing here. But a working mom has to make herself feel good to get through the tough times. I think I’d much rather be in a position where the girls were sick of the sight of me, but that will just have to wait.

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