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Chloe has written a new book review.
This time, we sent an e-mail to the author, so that she could read the review too. We’re crossing fingers that Chloe gets a response! We’re also submitting it to our local bookstore and hope that they’ll publish it in their kids’ newsletter.For your reading enjoyment, here’s Chloe’s latest critique.
A Review of One of My Favorite Tails: “The Tail of Emily Windsnap”
Ready for adventure and have a heart for mermaids? Even if you don’t, I think you’ll still like this book.¨The Tail of Emily Windsnap” is about a girl, Emily Windsnap, who becomes a “semi-mer,” which means that when she’s in the water she grows a tail and is a mermaid. And when she’s not in the water, she has two feet just like us. The reason she’s a semi-mer and not a regular person is because her dad, whom she does not know anything about, is a merman.Her mom is human. The reason Emily doesn’t know her dad or live with him is because Neptune, the king of the seas, made a law that a mermaid or merman cannot marry a human. Her dad was sent to jail because he married a human, Emily’s mom. Emily learns about her father and goes off to find him with her friend, Shona. Shona is her best friend and a mermaid. They met went Emily went off in the middle of the night to see what would happen when she went in the water. She swam far enough to the rock where Shona was sitting. They talked, had fun, and became friends before going off on their adventure to find Emily’s dad.
My opinion about the book is that it was great. The reason I think it was great is because there was so much detail that it felt like you were with Emily. Emily is a sympathetic, smart and brave character.
The book is crispy and crunchy like a favorite food that you can’t stop eating, even if you’re completely full. It’s a book that can entertain you for hours. And hours.
“The Tail of Emily Windsnap” is the first in a series that currently includes four books.

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