Chloe Sews and Finds Synonyms

Chloe decided that she wanted to make herself a new wallet. I gave her an old t-shirt, and she proceeded to sew and sew and sew. After a few missteps, she completed her project today. It’s a little rough around the edges, but she even sewed her initial onto the fabric.

She’s become all arts & craftsy. It’s quite amusing, actually. Especially since it took me way too long to remember where we kept the sewing kit.
In addition to finding a talent for home economics, Chloe has also decided to keep a notebook filled with synonyms. She’s spent the last few evenings compiling her wordlists, in order to “write more descriptively.” Yep, that’s what she wrote in her book. She’s started a new elective class at school called “Junior Great Books” and she loves it. And there are only three kids in the class, which I love. And if that class inspires her to write more, than I will be a very happy mommy.

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