Home Economics, Part II

In continuing the home economics theme I wrote about last week, Chloe had her first cake decorating class on Thursday. This is her creation (the teacher had already baked the cakes). Chloe took care of all the icing, and the little flower on top.

Not bad, for a first try. If she continues to enjoy it, I could theoretically save quite a bit of money by having her make all of our celebratory cakes. The more money we save, the more I can dream about retiring from my job. I’m counting the days until next summer. No more minivan car payment, no more preschool payment and potentially no more cake payments.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Will not be in the office tomorrow – staying far, far away so as to increase my chances of actually enjoying the fact that I’m now 41. Looking forward to going out to lunch with my mom, doing some shopping and going to the movies. George Clooney in “Up in the Air” – here we come.

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