Not Soon Enough

1 1/2 days until vacation. First vacation since July (how many times have I mentioned this on my blog?). I had another fun-filled day at work. Speaking of which, I played Mega-Millions the other day and the drawing is tonight.

I’m finding myself dreaming of winning the lottery more frequently than I used to. Wonder why that is. And since a cousin won the lottery years ago with a group of colleagues and my best friend’s brother won the lottery in England years ago as well, the odds of my also winning are pretty much slim to none. But spending a couple of dollars every few months can’t hurt, because you just never know.
So when we win the lottery, there are lots of things I’m going to change. Quit our jobs, to begin with. Volunteer instead. Spend lots and lots of quality time with my girls. Buy a home in France so that we can spend more time there. We need to start introducing the girls to their European heritage. Travel the world. Start a charity. It’s fun to dream. Do you hear the deep sighs?

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