Oh, the Crowds!

We went into the city today to see a show called “The Flaming Idiots” at the New Victory Theater. With a title like that, we knew it was going to be good, and we were not disappointed. A trio of irreverent, clever jugglers had the four of us in stitches from start to finish.

Before the paid entertainment got underway, however, we decided that we’d go in a little early and enjoy the festive holiday scenery. It took us an hour to get into town (it usually takes about 25 minutes) – not a good sign. The streets were full of throngs of people. To the point where I kept wondering what the hell would happen if there were any kind of emergency. The area around Times Square was so frenetic and so crowded – I haven’t seen it like that in a long, long time. Then again, that’s because I try to avoid New York City during Christmas week. Duh.
Anyway, we first went into Toys ‘r Us in Times Square. Nightmare! Fire hazard! Jammed with masses of tourists. We did, however, become the proud owners of a zhu zhu hamster. That Sophie creatively named Zhu Zhu. We survived the toy store, barely. And made our way, because we’re masochists, to Rockefeller Center. Never again.
After the show, we tried to go to dinner. First at Junior’s. A real epitome of gourmet dining. With a 40-minute wait. John’s Pizzeria was just around the corner. With a line of at least 50 people out the door and yet another line once inside. I told the bouncer-looking dude that while the pizza there was good, it wasn’t that good. So we walked back to the car and ate on the other side of the Hudson. New Jersey does serve a purpose, you see.

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