Sea of White

The snowstorm came. And blanketed the region in beautiful white fluffy stuff. The girls came home from their weekend at Grammy’s, having been cozily ensconced in a 33-story apartment building, to a yard full of enticing snow. They had a snowball fight and with Papa’s help, gathered a bunch of snow into a pile. Why a pile? So they could jump in it. Not sure how that turned out, but Chloe and Sophie were happy.

Our neighbor kindly cleared our driveway for us with his snowblower. A very nice gesture that won’t go unforgotten. The time saved, not to mention the muscle aches – boy, were we thankful. The snow was light, but there was a hell of a lot of it and it was taking us a long time to clear it away.
Back to school and work tomorrow – except for the hubby, who’s now on vacation until January 4 (I’m so jealous). My vacation doesn’t start until Thursday at noon – so I’ll be counting down the hours until then. First multi-day vacation since the end of June, and I’m more than ready for it.

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