This is my new favorite photo of the girls. How cute are they? Taken yesterday, during a particularly mild post-Thanksgiving day.

Chloe takes good care of Sophie. And Sophie loves Chloe so much. She wants to do whatever Chloe does. This sometimes bugs the crap out of Chloe, but lately she’s been more tolerant of Sophie’s inclination to mimic her.
Do you see why I’m dying to have more time with my girls? They’re more and more adorable with each passing day, and I know that the adorableness won’t last forever. So I feel like I need to be with them as much as I can – RIGHT NOW. Chloe doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, however. When I brought it up yesterday, she let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that I’d probably drive her crazy.

But the decision is not up to her, is it? If we win the lottery, she’ll have no choice but to put up with me day after day, hour after hour. And enjoy every last minute of it.

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