Sophie’s Castle

Sophie wanted a house. She tried making one herself, but was having a very difficult time getting the pillows to stand up straight. So she begged and pleaded for help. Papa was suffering from strep throat (how he got it, but not the girls – at least not for now – is beyond me), but he loves his daughters. Anything to keep them happy.

So he gathered himself up, and proceeded to build Sophie the best pillow castle ever. After attacks from the flank by her older sister, which caused some of the pillows to come crashing down, much to Sophie’s consternation, Papa dutifully made the necessary repairs.
Castle Sophie has survived four days now. There’s a truce in the household and Chloe has kept her paws off the construction. Every morning, Sophie checks on it, to make sure it’s structurally sound. I give it another couple of days at the most, if only because as long as this thing is up, we can’t sit down.

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