The Tree and the Menorah

Papa bought the Christmas tree today. The girls are decorating it now. Sophie has decided to hang all of the red ball ornaments next to each other as a family. I call it “Sophie’s 4-Year Old Obsessive-Compulsive Corner (see photo).” Chloe’s a real pro at the decorating this year. She has a very clear idea in her head as to what ornament belongs where.

The tree topper this year is one of our “French” frogs. We’ve collected them over the years, and the one doing the honors this season is “Le Roi Grenouille” or the frog king. He’s quite regal looking, actually.
On the Hanukkah side, the menorah that I’ve had for a very long time is in the kitchen. It’s nothing fancy, but I have a soft spot for it. The problem is its size. It’s so small that the candles barely fit. I told Chloe that we’d get a bigger one for next year. It’s only fair, really. My menorah just can’t compete with the 6+ foot tall Christmas tree in the other room.
I confounded Chloe yesterday when I recited the prayer over the candles. She didn’t understand how I could possibly remember those words from Hebrew school so many years ago when I can barely remember what I need to buy at the supermarket. I tried to explain the concept of long-term versus short-term memory, but gave up when I saw her salivating over the present she was dying to open.
Happy holidays, everyone!

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