Writer’s Block

I asked Chloe to provide a poem for tonight’s blog entry. Because I’m tired and don’t have any ideas. You’d think that with kids like Chloe and Sophie, I’d always have ideas.

I actually haven’t seen much of them this week. Been getting home late – social engagements and hair appointment. You know, it’s the holidays. Places to go, people to see. And they’re staying at Grammy’s this weekend, enabling the hubby and me to go out for my birthday dinner.
Only problem there is that he couldn’t get a reservation at any of his preferred choices. How crazy is that? Sure, we could eat dinner at 5 pm (but last I checked we don’t live in early-bird special Florida) or at 10 pm (last I checked we don’t live in Spain either) at these hotspots, but really? No reservations? In a crippling recession?
So I don’t know where he’s taking me on Saturday. It’s going to be a surprise. Hope it’s good. Hope it’s a place we haven’t been to before. Maybe we’ll get to the movies also. That’d be nice. Especially since our holiday shopping is basically done and I have no desire to brave the mall.
My mom gave Chloe a shrinky-dinks kit for Hanukkah. Remember shrinky-dinks? They haven’t changed. Still need to bake in the oven for a couple of minutes. The girls love how they curl up and flatten out and get really, really small. Funny how these old toys are still fun for the new generation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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