My Blog Book

I have a fan! Chloe started to read Volume One of the Pink Me Not book yesterday. And she likes it, she really, really likes it!

Chloe laughed and laughed and laughed. Mostly at the stories about Sophie, which Sophie didn’t particularly appreciate. Sophie doesn’t understand what it is, so when she saw some of the funny two-year old photos of herself, she claimed I was making fun of her. She’ll understand and come to appreciate the books soon enough. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to capture as many silly moments as I can.
Chloe also claimed that I got my facts wrong a couple of times (as if she would actually remember something she said over two years ago) to which I responded – if it’s the blog, it happened. She’s still skeptical. She also pointed out a grammatical mistake. I told her that I don’t have an editor, but she’s welcome to the job.

Seeing my big girl engrossed in the book, smiling and guffawing gives me no end of pleasure. Honestly, I never thought I would have continued the writing for this long. I tend to get sick of things quickly – but I love this blog. And I am thrilled that we now have physical tomes that the girls can share with their own kids someday.

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