I’m watching “Julie and Julia” and feeling homesick for Paris. Have I mentioned that as part of retirement fantasy, we rent a house in France for several weeks over the summer? My husband would join us for at least three of those weeks, and my mom would come too.

The girls would finally experience the culture that makes up half of their DNA. Perhaps they’d even get comfortable conversing in French. Speaking of which, Sophie put two and two together today, and started exclaiming, “je t’aime!” Ok, she thought it was Spanish, but no mind. Papa and I were thrilled nonetheless.
We need to find a way to start introducing Chloe and Sophie to their heritage. We need to find a way to get to France more often. I’m not sure how to accomplish that. Airfares are outrageously expensive. And we’d need to rent a place to stay because our family over there doesn’t have enough space for all of us. In sum, thousands of dollars for my family unit to spend a couple of weeks en France. It would be worth every penny, I’m sure.
It’s a vicious catch-22. In order to have enough money to take that kind of trip, I need to continue working. But if I continue working, I don’t have enough vacation to take the trip. So, in addition to playing the lottery every once in awhile, I’m also hoping that my husband gets a promotion. He’s waited years for that to happen – so I’m not holding my breath. But – you never know, do you?

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