Sleepaway Camp!

It’s confirmed. Our to-be-9-year-old Chloe will be attending sleepaway camp for two weeks this summer. At a lovely place in Pennsylvania called Camp Cayuga. She is so excited (and perhaps a little bit anxious, too) about the prospect of going to this idyllic place in August, she can barely contain herself.

I must say I’d be excited if I were her age. Sleepaway camp has certainly changed since I went 30 years ago. My camp had a lake. It had a pool. It offered arts & crafts. We even had the trip to Hershey Park. But there weren’t any classes in circus arts. Nor was there an extreme trampoline, or any trampoline, for that matter. Other than the cot mattress. Scuba diving? Forget about it. And I sure is hell never saw a flying trapeze at my camp.
What’s not to love? It’s friggin’ Club Med for kids.

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