Sophie and Me

Sophie and I are having a special Sophie & Mommy afternoon. Papa, Chloe and one of Chloe’s friends went to see “Avatar.” Sophie and I are having a movie-fest of our own, at home. Watching a compilation of Pixar short movies, which are all super creative and entertaining.

She’s cuddled against me as we watch them for the second time in a row. I know, too much TV. But who cares? These cartoons are irresistible.
Anyway, Sophie is definitely my favorite cuddlebug. Chloe was never really a cuddler, but Sophie loves to give hugs and kisses. “I want to cuddle you SOOOO much!” she tells me. How cool is that? “And I love you,” she adds. Really, really cool.
Shortly after that exchange, we were both lying together on the couch and she positioned herself on top of me. And a few minutes later, I heard the heavy breathing of her sleep. Not a deep sleep, mind you. She wasn’t snoring, after all. But she had dozed off and I was transported back a few years to when she was just a baby. What a lovely memory.
I hope she never tires of the cuddling. I don’t think I ever will.

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