Sophie is Still Talking Dirty

“Penis! Penis! Penis!” That’s Sophie. At least once a day. Just because it sounds funny. Her poor Papa doesn’t know what to think. Every time she bursts out in penis shouts, he looks at her a little sheepishly. Not that sheepishly, mind you, because the French don’t get embarrassed that easily.

By the way, if you don’t see this post in a few days, it’s because weirdos surfing the web looking for x-rated stuff stumbled across this blog. We don’t want that (and believe it or not, it has happened before).
Our strategy right now is to let Sophie get the p-word out of her system. She might replace it with the female equivalent, but somehow I don’t think she’ll find it as amusing to pronounce over and over again. It just doesn’t have the same sing-song quality to it.

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