Super Mario Bros.

I am trying to improve my Wii Super Mario Bros. skills so that I can beat the crap out of my daughter. The only problem is that I really suck at the game. I’m trying, truly I am.

I spent approximately two hours today in an attempt to get closer to Chloe’s playing level. There are eight “worlds” in the game, and each world has a bunch of different courses that you need to complete. Chloe has managed to conquer almost five of the worlds. After devoting way too much time to this silly (but fun) game, I am still stuck at level one of the first world. I had succeeded in making my way through three courses, but then lost all of my lives. So I have to started all over again.
I am determined to become my daughter’s equal at this game. She’s sick of playing it by herself. I guess this means that my weekends are going to be pretty busy over the next five years or so.

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