The Papa

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a photo with Papa in it. So here you go. Papa does exist – not a figment of our imaginations. He’s a great Papa, too.

I realize he gets short shrift in this blog. But that’s honestly because what the girls’ antics are a lit more interesting than his antics. He and I are just supporting characters in our children’s world.
Here’s what Chloe has to say about her Papa: “He’s a baldie. His eyebrows are really bushy compared to his head.”
Here’s what Sophie has to say about her Papa: “He’s silly and he’s silly. I call him ‘la la goo goo’ and most of the time I like him. He’s pretty. Papa is my favorite dad.”
There you have it. Concise and to the point. Love you, pops!

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