Austin, TX!

Chloe and I are visiting my brother and his wife in Austin, TX. Chloe really likes it here. We took their dog, Lucy, to a dog park this morning and she went crazy in the lake fetching the tennis ball. Chloe refrained from joining Lucy in the lake, but happily ran after her along the trails.

After our doggie adventure (lots of really big dogs, only one rat dog – this is outsized Texas after all), we went to the trailer food court. Apparently, serving food out of old airstream trailers has become increasingly popular here. Wherever there’s a spare square of asphalt, there’s a trailer. Taco trailers (which seem to be the most ubiquitous). Cupcake trailers. Hot dog trailers. Burger trailers. Crepe trailers. It’s a crappy economy. You lose your job, get a trailer and serve food.

We had yummy soft tacos for lunch but the highlight for Chloe was going to the chocolate trailer to buy make your own s’mores. They had a fire going, and provided the ingredients. It was spontaneous and fun, as you can see from the photo.


Our afternoon in Austin was supposed to end by watching my brother’s band perform salsa music in the courtyard of a restaurant. The weather was perfect for the first hour. But as quickly as you can say ‘Hook ’em Horns,” the wind picked up, the clouds came in and the music stopped just as we arrived. Oh well. Even Texans can’t control Mother Nature.

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